About Me

Hello, I’m Cat. Over the course of my life I’ve experienced many of the emotions and struggles my clients come to me for, be it grief/trauma, parenting, self-confidence, phobias or anxiety.  When my children’s anxiety about going to school reached a peak I knew I needed to act quickly – we had hit rock bottom and I needed to find something to help lift us. It was through my work with my kids, who were under a lot of stress after changing schools a number of times and struggling with dyslexia, that I came across Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – otherwise known as Tapping Therapy. What the hell is EFT I hear you say? Don’t worry I thought the same. It can all sound a bit woo woo at first. But stick with me here.



The first experience was odd and felt a bit like we’d joined a cult. 


But it’s basically acupuncture without the needles – tapping with your fingers on meridian acupressure points on your face and body, while acknowledging thoughts and feelings that are causing you concern. I could see it working and so decided to join them on the journey and give it a go myself – it was amazing, a tingly, fuzzy warm sensation runs through your body relaxing you, like slipping into a warm bath. It magically dilutes the “issue” and quickly feel lighter and calmer.

After a few sessions, I felt such a passionate connection to the power it can have that I wanted to learn more about it. I signed up to a course in the middle of the “Christmas is cancelled” Covid-19 lockdown and Tier 5 arrival. As the outside world once again ground to a halt, I got a real urge to move forward. In Jan 2021, I started Level 1 EFT and was so blown away by the effects on my body from the work we did during the course that I signed up to Level 2, which meant I could  become accredited and work as a practitioner. At this point, I just wanted to gain more insight not a new career.

Overcoming deep-rooted personal trauma and grief.

It was during these weeks that I had the biggest personal epiphany. We worked on trauma and grief. I tragically lost my mum when I was 19, at University. One moment she was here and then 24 hours later she was gone – luckily I made it back to be with her but with no warning, no time to prepare and no goodbye it tore me to my core. She was my anchor, my compass, my guide – my best friend. It was all pulled from under me and I was forever changed.  I had to stay strong, I was the eldest and had to hold shit together for my family; my dad, my younger brother and sister. I pushed it down and marched on. Everyone commented on how brave and strong I was, so I felt I was doing ok. I think I was numb, I didn’t feel pain that people describe. 

I went back to University, got my degree, started work, got a flat with my boyfriend,  we moved to New York, we got married – you can see the pattern that was emerging. I kept very busy. I never spoke about it and never faced it. There were no memories of her in New York so id escaped having to deal with it. We didn’t really speak about things like death and grief in those days.

Fast forward 20 years and I didn’t have a choice – having children snags any wound you’ve stuck a band aid on! My anxiety began to creep in when my daughter was born but I had always been a little worrier and deeply sensitive child but having another human to keep alive took me to another level, but it didn’t feel alien to me as id always had a ramped up nervous system. 


Again I just kept going, I didn’t really tell anyone how I was really feeling


I didn’t really tell anyone how I was really feeling, I don’t think I knew as I was so detached from my body. Then I had my son and now there were two little humans to keep alive, yikes! no escape or running away. 

I obviously wasn’t listening, so my body started to get more involved in sending me more serious signals. I got inner ear infections, vertigo, shingles all within 6 months. The signals were getting louder. Instead of facing things, yup we moved house… 3 more times! 

It wasn’t until 2017 that I finally felt at breaking point. The kids were struggling in a pressurised academic school. I felt like I was being pulled in so many directions, spinning so many plates to try and show the world I was fine – everything was ok.  Everything was not ok. My gut was screaming out to me, I had always had great intuition but I had lost myself a bit amongst all the noise.  

Finally I had some grief counselling which did help. It was good to talk about it. I found the strength and self belief again to make some changes We pulled the kids out of the school, so they were happier, life was calmer, the pace slowed. I could breathe!….now with more confidence we made the bigger brave decision to move the children to a specialist dyslexic school.


So back to 2020 when I helped the kids in mind and body during lockdown with a detox to clear heavy metals, improve gut health to help their learning and anxiety, we reduced stress which is how we found EFT. It was during my EFT Level 2 course and working with a colleague that she shifted that grief that had sat in me for all those years. Grief doesn’t just disappear as its sadness from loving someone so much with nowhere for the love to go. But would mum want me to feel sad. Absolutely not! The thing is, I wasn’t crying every day or a miserable old cow, far from it but the trauma of that event was stored in every cell in my body, its that which causes symptoms, illness and disease. The Amygdala in the brain cleverly does this to protect you, to survive in the initial weeks of a trauma but it doesn’t serve you moving forward with your life and its at that powerful level that EFT reaches so gently. 


We turned sadness to gladness,


and although I know the science and research and techniques it still blows my mind that the heaviness and grip that has held onto me for so long is now peaceful and light. All my symptoms, my body’s signals screaming for help were gone. 

EFT, Tapping gave me the tools to help heal my kids and arm them with a powerful technique they can now use themselves and gave me life-long knowledge to keep us steady as a family but it healed me too.  I was back in my body, back in tune and feeling lighter and happier than ever, I genuinely believe my children were sent to me to help me recover from the loss of my mum and make me the person I am today. With a purpose to now help others. 

Don’t get me wrong, I miss mum everyday and being a mum without my mum has been the hardest but I feel better. I’ve created peace for my mum and myself and it was only through the children that this all came to me. They are happier with everything we’ve done on our journey, I’m happier and mum was certainly along for the ride guiding us through everything too.  It was at this point I knew I had to share this incredible therapy and tell the world. 

I could help others free themselves from all sorts of trauma and upset. Research shows trauma and stress is the root cause of so many illnesses and diseases in the body.  So here I am. A fully qualified practitioner, an emotional well being coach. If any of this resonates or you’d like to learn more please do reach out.  It works and it’s fast. It doesn’t take years of therapy that’s for sure. I’ve already worked with lots of clients – adults and children – and it brings that sense of peace, relief and happiness to them all. 


What’s not to love