EFT is clinically proven acupuncture without the needles. It provides rapid and long lasting relief from emotional, psychological and physical issues.”

My Services

I offer an integrative approach personalised to each clients needs. Combining Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) known as Tapping Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to lift and shift states of mind and body for adults and children.  I am based in Surrey but currently working virtually. My treatments help shift  Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief, PTSD, Phobias, Addiction and help you find vitality again in your life and outlook so you live life to your full potential and purpose. 

Why EFT?
It is a powerful tool. A fundamental element is the recognition and acceptance of the thoughts and feelings creating the internal conflict.
Tapping alongside questioning techniques creates clarity and together with a little humour it painlessly and quickly releases the grip/issue that has been causing the symptoms, so there is permanent freedom from habitual behaviours, thoughts, physical pain, deep trauma and memories.
It effectively dismantles old thought patterns and negative beliefs.

When to use EFT?
EFT has helped transform people with many emotional, mental and physical issues. It is highly effective for the following:

• Anxiety • Depression • Trauma •  PTSD • Sadness, Loss and Grief • Addiction • Phobia/ Fears • Self-sabotaging limiting beliefs • And so much more.

It can be used for almost all conditions and for people of all ages, children to elders. Helping to emotionally self-regulate and acknowledge feelings and emotions that come up and pass through you, onwards, past, old experiences that do not serve your higher good.
Trapped, suppressed and ignored, emotions create the toxic mix to cause disease in your body.

How it works
During our sessions I will teach you how to tap yourself, so that you can add it in your daily rituals and routines for self-care. Cleansing your body, cells and mind of old emotions like you would cleanse your skin.
Our work will give you the tools to tap into EFT anytime you feel overwhelmed, stressed or face challenges in your life.
It is enlightening and empowering to be able to safely let go, feel free and at peace.



Following a complimentary discovery call (20 min chat). This one hour session can clear 1-2 blocks that are causing certain symptoms, have you feeling much better. It is a great way to try the treatments and feel the effects in the body.  


After a complimentary discovery call to find out a bit more about each other, discussing the issues and feeling we can work together.  A breakthrough session  is a powerful way to create significant, long lasting shifts and change.  Together we peel back the layers to help you find the root cause of your symptoms and issues.  We can recode traumas, negative self talk and limiting beliefs, rewiring the landscape of your brain so you can live your one wild and precious life full of vitality in peace and joy. 


Imagine a workforce who have tools at their finger tips to de stress during the day, prepare them for presentations, to release stress, anxiety and negativity.  A workforce full of vitality and self belief. If you care about the well being of your employees or team, you can book a group session or refer on for 1-2-1 support and treatment.


EFT is a vital tool for children & teens in todays fast paced modern world. Introducing this technique into schools is game changing.  It can be taught to teachers and SENCo’s to use with the children or directly with the children in small workshops as part of a lesson/ assembly or well being day. 


Overcome Anxiety
Break the cycle of depression
Break free from stress